Diesel Scissor Lift for Hire in Rustenburg – Specs & Benefits for Your Business

Diesel Scissor Lift for Hire in Rustenburg – Specs & Benefits for Your Business

Have you ever wondered how a sign got placed on just the right part of the 5th floor of the building next door? Perhaps you are looking for an affordable, fast and safe way to get some work done at great heights yourself. A diesel scissor lift for hire in Rustenburg may be just what you need. At Sterling Group, we specialise in providing access solutions for a variety of clients.

Model Specs: Diesel Scissor Lift for Hire in Rustenburg


  1. The 4394RT is ideal for work on rugged terrain, fitted with twin-pump-powered 4-wheel drive and smooth controls. The fuel tank has a high capacity of 113 L, which gives you more time to get work done without needing to take a break to refuel.


This machine reaches a height of 13.11m, with a platform that can carry up to 680 kg in cargo and human mass. The platform is larger than on previous models, so capacity is increased. The 4394RT also offers the optional addition of single-touch leveling jacks to simplify the setup process.

The machine moves at maximum speeds of 0.80 km/h and 6.40 km/h when the platform is elevated and lowered respectively. It only takes 40 seconds for the platform to reach the top and 43 seconds to fully lower it again.


  1. The H18SXL is the latest model in the Haulotte H18 series, reaching a maximum height of 16m. With a 4-wheel drive feature, this scissor lift performs exceptionally well on rough terrain. The machine boasts a tight turning radius, seamless movements and maneuvering and more!


Operating at speeds between 0.70 km/h and 6 km/h, the H18SXL only takes a minute to reach full elevation and lower back to minimum height. It comes with 12V batteries and a 14V alternator as well.

The platform can accommodate people and equipment weighing up to half a tonne. With a manually operated emergency system, safety is taken care of.


Benefits of Hiring a Diesel Scissor Lift

From electrical maintenance, roof repairs and window cleaning to sign installations, aerial filming and literally picking fruits – these machines are Jacks of all trades. Here are a few benefits that come with the decision to hire instead of purchasing:

  • Access to the latest technology
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Safety compliance is taken care of


Sterling Group has what you need in a diesel scissor lift for hire in Rustenburg. Call us on +27 82 8000 146 today for an affordable quote!