The Science Behind Telescopic Boom Lifts

The Science Behind Telescopic Boom Lifts

The modern world has brought with it a myriad of machinery that makes us more efficient and productive across various industries. Where construction and maintenance are concerned, access lifts have come to represent this ongoing technological development. A lot of the time, we never really get around to understanding how this valuable equipment works. Sterling Access has decided to look into the science that drives telescopic boom lifts. If you’ve seen a telescopic boom lift for sale and are wondering what you may be buying into, this blog is for you.

What Is A Telescopic Boom Lift?

Imagine if a crane and a forklift were to be combined – this is the integrative genius behind the design of telescopic booms. These machines are steady aerial lifts, each with a straight articulating arm, which carries a work platform for workers and equipment on work sites. The arm protrudes horizontally from the body of the machine and moves up and down across various heights.

Unlike their contemporaries (articulating boom lifts), telescopic boom lifts don’t have hinges. This characteristic limits their ability to manoeuvre around obstacles. However, you can rely on them for flexible access and a sturdy lift at great heights in outdoor environments.

How Does It Work?

Telescopic booms run on diesel- or propane-fueled engines, which range in size and power. Its body comprises of a small cockpit controlled by a trained operator. From flat to bumpy terrain, a telescopic boom moves smoothly on wheels and has a stable design. The mechanically-operated arm allows you to reach various heights for construction, stacking and other work.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Telescopic Boom Lift For Sale?

  • Provides aerial access to indoor, outdoor, large and small sites
  • Improved speed on site
  • Added reach for significant heights

Looking For A Telescopic Boom Lift For Sale In Rustenburg?

Every industrial project – be it construction, maintenance or landscaping – requires specific types of machinery for the job to be done right. The science behind aerial work platforms is both fascinating and empowering, and we can provide you with access to the best models. Contact Sterling Access to learn more.

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