Using A Tension Link to Track Your Load

Using A Tension Link to Track Your Load

Sterling Access provides lifting equipment for sale that needs tension links. When loading heavy loads with any sort of lift, one should always make use of tension link to gauge the load and detect any issues before they happen. Everyone’s worst nightmare is that the cable snaps and the entire load falls to the floor. Using the correct tension or load link for the job will help to prevent this.

Tension Link, Wireless Or Wired?

The main difference between load links is that you can choose either a wired or a wireless option. Each has its benefits and disadvantages; it just depends on what sort of lifting equipment and load you have.

  • Wired: Wired tension links are cheaper to buy than their wireless counterparts. They are best if you have a lifting rig set up permanently, for example at a loading bay. That way you do not have to assemble and disassemble the load link often. Wired tension links can be used either singly or in multiples, measure various tension points on your application.
  • Wireless: Wireless load links are more expensive but easier to set up as you do not have to worry about running a cable. These are mostly used when a lifting rig is moved often, for example when you hire a lifting rig. If you are buying a lifting rig, or looking for lifting equipment for sale, be sure to check what sort of load links it comes with.

Monitoring Solutions

Load links or tension links are pretty useless without its partnering monitoring solution. There are various options available. Each one suited to a particular situation.

  • Handheld: These come in either wired or wireless and are digital monitors that can be held in your hand. They link to the load link and provide a running report of the current tension.
  • Built-In Display: These are only available on certain models of load links, and feature a digital display on the link itself. This is obviously not useful if the link is too high up to be seen properly.
  • Load Monitoring Software: This is the tension link solution of the future. The software can be loaded onto a computer or a mobile device and monitors up to 100 links at a time. You will obviously have to have compatible hardware.

For more information on lifting equipment for sale and selecting the right load link to monitor your load, get in touch with Sterling Access today!

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