What Is A Cherry Picker & How Is It Used?

What Is A Cherry Picker & How Is It Used?

A cherry picker is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available today. It provides access to raised areas, anything from step ladder height upwards and is used in just about any industry you can think of. Initially, the machine was designed to be used for picking fruit from trees (hence the name), but today it serves an essential function in all work that is performed at height. Find out more about it and our cherry picker for sale.

The Details of a Cherry Picker

Also known as an aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), the cherry picker is a piece of mechanical equipment used to provide easier access to high areas. Different types of cherry pickers are designed for specific environments and use, such as scissor lifts, telescopic booms and others available.

Ease of use and versatility is the principal function of a cherry picker, it is temporary and easily moved around. A simple way of differentiating them would be that; when you need a permanent way to move up and down, you will install an elevator. When you have a large, complicated project at extreme height and excessive weight, you will make use of a crane.

Therefore, the cherry picker is characterised as being temporary, flexible and highly maneuverable. Whatsmore, it can be easily operated by one person.

Health and Safety

As far as safety in any workplace is concerned, a cherry picker is one of the safest options when working at some height. Much preferred to the hazards of ladders and scaffolding; it is still essential to ensure that you select the right access equipment for your task and your particular working environment.

Points which you should look for by way of a risk assessment are, for example, ground conditions, weather and surrounding buildings or electrical equipment. People using it must always be well trained in the safe use of the machine to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Variety Of Uses

When you think of what a cherry picker is, you might automatically think of building and construction (or fruit of course), but this nifty machine has many other vital functions.

Essential in South Africa is the servicing of street lights, telephone and electrical poles. The cherry picker makes the process of moving and repairing these so much faster and easier than using a ladder would be.

Sporting events on television or music concerts look fantastic with high camera angles and scenes moving over the crowds. By mounting the camera on it, the director is guaranteed to get the best shot.

Many lives have been saved by the humble cherry picker as well. Whether rescuing kittens from trees or people from burning buildings, the rescue worker’s job has been made safer, faster and more comfortable with the help of this nifty piece of equipment.

From the above, you can see that the cherry picker is a must-have piece of access equipment for any work off the ground. Contact Sterling Access to find the best height access equipment solution for your business.

For more information about cherry picker hire or sale get in touch with Sterling Access today!

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