Why You Should Purchase a Telehandler For Sale Today

With the increase in industrial development, the need for telehandler services has increased along with it. Telehandler sale services have become a vital part of the construction, agricultural and the industrial industry and for good reason. These machines are not only versatile and reliable but contribute immensely to the precision and efficiency of any job.


How Telehandlers Benefit Your Business


Telehandlers are specifically designed to assist you in shifting, moving or lifting substantially heavy objects and materials. These machines offer owners much versatility. This is because they are used for a wide variety of lifting jobs on varying sites. Not just a one-horse pony, with the correct added attachments, these machines can be transformed into other types. Such as those necessary for construction, agricultural and industrial industries ie. cranes, aerial platforms, lift trucks and even tractors. When you sign off on your telehandler contract, you are not only purchasing an extremely useful machine, but also a multi-functional and adaptable piece of equipment that may end up saving your business time, as well as, money.

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The Three Main Telehandler Options


  1. The standard fixed boom telehandler – Composed of a standard telescopic boom and a fixed cab. This means that it does not rotate from within but makes it the absolute best telehandler for lifting abnormally heavy loads.
  2. Rotating telehandler sale options – If you are looking for the most advanced and modern telehandler out there, this is the one for you. Considered to have revolutionised the construction industry, most cabs can rotate an entire 360 degrees. This makes them the most versatile of all the telehandler sale options. They have increased in popularity over the years as their versatility and reliability is unmatchable.
  3. Heavy lift telehandlers – As you may have guessed, this telehandler option does what its name suggests. These telehandlers allow owners to lift and move exceptionally heavier loads into or on too hard to reach and oddly shaped spaces. This makes them a popular choice for industries such as the mining industry.


Whether we call them cherry pickers or telehandlers, the fact of the matter is that owning the right telehandler will only benefit your business. Sterling Access offers our customers the highest quality machinery for sale or hire. To get a quote on a telehandler sale that you can trust, contact us today!